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Emotional Freedom Technique

This is a gentle treatment involving tapping on your acupressure points.

The therapy is based on the premise that any negative emotion or pain -including anxiety, anger and depression is caused by a blockage in your energy system; removing the blockage can alleviate the symptom.  EFT can help to alleviate physical pain, emotional trauma, addiction, anxiety and low self-confidence.

Experience relief, restoration and re balancing as your mind and body connect to restore harmony within.  Experience a deep sense of relaxation and freedom as energy flow is restored through gentle acupressure, breath work and visualization.

Initial Consultation – 1 hour & 30 min- $95.00
Regular Session – 1 hour – $75.00
Regular Session – 2 hours- $150.00
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Bach Flower Therapy

The Bach Flower Consultation takes place in a safe and empathetic atmosphere where client and practitioner discuss the negative emotions, present problems, and habits that are bothering you and together determine which remedies would best restore your sense of balance, peace and clarity. The Bach Flower Remedies work to restore your bodies self-healing abilities through relieving stress and opening you up to your highest potential so that you can move forward in life with peace, emotional freedom, and confidence, unencumbered by past events, present problems and negative emotions.

Initial Consultation – 1 hour – $65.00
Follow-up Consultation – 45 min – $45.00
(Consultations include your customized remedy blend)
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Seichem Reiki

Experience deep relaxation as your body’s energy centres and energy flow is rebalanced through the gentle healing art of Reiki. You may experience heating or cooling sensations, a sense of clarity or meditative state of mind or simply a feeling of being gently soothed and restored on both a physical and emotional level.

Reiki has proven to be a very powerful healing force,  It promotes the body’s regenerative self-healing at the emotional, mental, energetic and physical levels

1 hour & 15 min. – $115.00
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Intuitive Healing Session

An intuitive healing session may incorporate a combination of the above therapies or simply the one you need the most. Often these sessions start out with some acupressure and end with Reiki or a Bach Consultation according to your energetic condition. This one and a half hour session is designed to allow adequate time and relaxation as the therapies work to realign your physical, emotional and mental balance.

1 hour & 30 min – $125.00
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Chakra Balancing

Chakra’s are energy gateways within our energy bodies. (These seem to correspond to the endocrine system in western medicine) When they become blocked or imbalanced we can start to lose our sense of well-being and vitality. Specific areas of the body may not work in harmony with the other systems due to the block in energy (Chi) flow. This treatment will help to restore the energetic flow of Chi, restoring your natural vitality, leaving you feeling re-energized, stress-free and balanced.

1 hour & 15mins – $115.00
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Ask us about package discounts and rates that are available when you book a series of services.