Philosophy of Bach

Health depends on being in harmony with our souls” (Dr. Edward Bach 1932).


Bach believed disease of the body is a result of end product, a final stage, of something much deeper. He believed that disease originates as a result of the conflict between the spiritual and the mortal self. This conflict brings disease. So long as these two are in harmony there will be perfect health: but when there is discord, there follows what we know as disease.


Bach believed disease was the body’s way of communicating to us that we have left our path and are doing things or pursuing a course of action that was or would be harmful to us. Bodily dis-ease, he said, was a signal to look within and consider our path.


Those taking the remedies will find a shift not only in their emotions but in their way of thinking. This is the freedom the remedies bring, the gentle shift toward the harmony of emotions and mind, allowing the person to take right action, without fear, toward regaining their health, happiness and wellbeing.


“There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind, and inner happiness.” – Dr. Edward Bach, 1934.


It was also Bach’s belief that many suffered directly and most painfully due to allowing undue influence of others in their lives. He said on many occasions that the toughest battles some people ever have to face are with those within their own family and circle of influence.


We must earnestly learn to develop individuality according to the dictates of our own Soul, to fear no man and to see that no one interferes with, or dissuades us from, the development of our evolution…

– Dr. Edward Bach.


Through the use of the flower remedies Bach himself successfully treated hundreds of people and his legacy lives on today in Bach Practitioners throughout the world bringing healing, comfort, and relief to those who suffer.


When our eyes are downcast and seeing only the dirt beneath our feet we cannot fail to miss the beauty of the sky, the alternative paths that are all around us, the ways we do not know, the fruits we do not eat, the possibilities we do not find. 


The Bach Remedies can help you see these possibilities for yourself. They will teach you to lift up your eyes and see. To fill your lungs and breathe pure air, the world is full of choices waiting for you to make them. Leave fear behind; do not be afraid to look, to see, to feel, to touch to taste to share, or to discover, for this is the purpose of life’s journey.

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