I found out about Bach Remedies at a time of great change and stress in my life. I wanted to get help for my emotions. I felt depressed and angry and sort of hopeless, stuck and unable to move. The Bach Remedies worked to change that and having someone listen and care about helping me made a big difference. I took the remedies for about three months, I am now feeling happy and full of energy again. I can cope with whatever comes my way.


I had heard about EFT a few times but didn’t think of it for me until I had a day that I was in terrible pain with my feet. I had an accident about 15 years earlier and had broken several toes and had reconstructive surgery. I was desperate for help and thought I’d give it a try. Within an hour the pain had completely disappeared from my feet. I could not believe it.  I was both laughing and incredulous. Since then I have continued EFT therapy to deal with many other pains emotional and physical that have been bothering me for years. I cannot say enough about the miracle of EFT.


I found Julia and the Bach Flower Therapies when a friend told me about how they had helped her. I had been tortured for many years by recurring thoughts and mental arguments regarding a nasty breakup and physical abuse. The Bach Flower Therapies were wonderful, gentle and beautiful remedies which worked to soothe my churning thoughts and to help me heal and gain both physical and mental strength. I have now been able to leave the past behind and focus on my future with hope. Thank-you for helping me get there.


Thanks Julia for teaching me about EFT. Through working with you on the “tapping” I have been able to overcome my painful memories from my childhood. This has changed my life and allowed me to see a new world of choice, possibilities and to love myself but more importantly to allow myself to be loved. My relationships have improved, I sleep well and I feel truly happy.


I was very stressed out from years of overwork and approaching retirement with a great deal of anxiety, irritability and gloom. I was desperate for help as my doctors did not have time to listen to me but gave me pills and told me I was at high risk for heart attack and recommended I end my last year of my career on a stress leave. I did not want to end a successful career like this and felt desperate for help. Although skeptical about the Remedies at first, I took them faithfully and my strength and hope returned slowly but surely. I realize now how I was suffering from burnout from years of overwork. I have not looked back.


Natural Remedies in the Treatment of Animals

My cat had problems since the time we got her from the pet rescue. She was very scared and afraid all the time. She would hide under the bed for days and only come out when I was at home by myself. Noises frightened her a lot. On Julia’s recommendation we decided to try the Bach Remedies. We liked that they were completely natural and non-toxic. We tried the combination of Star of Bethlehem for shock and past trauma and Mimulus for her fears and it worked. Within a week she was out more and playful for the first time. It was amazing to see the change. She is now out and about most of the time and quite a different cat altogether.