About Healing Flower Therapy

Celebrating Life in Balance and Harmony

Healing Flower therapies presents:

Bach Flower Therapy, and the Bach Flower Essences, comprise a system of natural healing developed by English physician, Dr. Edward Bach, in 1930’s. The Bach Flower essences are made up of 38 different flower and plant based natural essences that address negative emotional states and mental conflicts that are the root cause of mental and physical suffering and dis-ease.

Emotional Freedom Therapy, an Acupressure Technique that combines focused thought with gentle fingertip tapping of key acupuncture points. This gentle technique clears energy blocks along the body’s meridians (the same energy paths mapped by Chinese physicians thousands of years ago). EFT corrects that energy disruption and its accompanying physical and emotional symptoms. The energy system is restored to a balanced state where the body’s own self-healing ability is able to function.

Natural, safe, effective and without side effects, these simple and natural processes of healing draw on ancient wisdom, the healing power of nature, belief in and respect for the natural healing abilities within everybody.