Energetic and emotional healing for mind and body

Restore your health and happiness by reducing stress, releasing painful memories and eliminating negative thoughts and harmful patterns from your life.

Using natural and energetic therapies, we work with you to create balance within mind and body. When the body’s energies are flowing and balanced the body’s own natural healing mechanisms are unlocked and negative emotions are transformed, allowing you to lead the healthy, joyful and fulfilling life you have dreamed of.

Specializing in Stress Management, Supporting recovery from chronic illness, painful memories, trauma, and a special focus on healing traumatic childhood events, grief and loss.


Health, Hope, Happiness

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) an acupressure technique based on ancient Chinese healing to bring relief and comfort by releasing unwanted negative emotions, traumas, memories and beliefs held within the body/mind. You feel relieved, energized, and free to move ahead in life unburdened by the past and with new-found hope and confidence for your future.

Bach Flower Therapy natural, safe and non-toxic, Bach Flower Essences restore the energetic balance on the emotional level allowing mental and physical healing to happen. This therapy supports you to change and grow and to shed old emotional reactions and fears that may have been troubling you or causing stress in your life. You become aware of new choices, inner strengths and abilities.

Relax, Rejuvenate, Restore

Reiki a soothing hands on healing technique to relieve mental and physical stress and dis-ease. You simply rest and let the relaxation flow as the gentle reiki techniques work to balance energy centres (organ systems, glands, nerves and tissues) within your body. You will experience a deeply relaxed state of mind and body.

Reflexology used for thousands of years, this therapy is very relaxing and benefits the entire system, increasing circulation, relaxation and elimination within the body systems. Reflexology is performed through gentle stimulation of reflex points on the feet and hands.